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Smile Design

Smile Design is a term which is used in cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry aims to reach the perfect and healtful smile. Improving the apperance can be done with different techniques like;

1. Whitening
2. Bleaching
3. Reshaping
4. Bridging
5. Veneers
6. Implants
7. Gum lifts
8. Straightening
9. Bite reclamation

In Dentomega when you contact us for a Smile Design 3 Dentist (an Oral Surgeon, an Orthodontist and a Cosmetic Dentist) will discuss your case in our meeting room. The visuals(photos and Xrays) are going to show to our experienced dentists the treatment that you need. Most of the times the patient needs more than one treatment but many dentists do not tell the whole treatment, unfortunetly. We are %100 transparent to our patients we believe the trust is the first time for a medical operation. Every step “Must done and Might be Done” will be explained to you before your arrival.

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