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It is a hard, white and ceramic material. It is more aesthetic compared to metal-supported porcelain because it has a high light transmittance. With zirconium, a transparent and more natural appearance is achieved. It is resistant to hot and cold, does not cause sensitivity. Because it does not have a metal substrate, it is an ideal treatment for patients who are allergic to metal.


How many times do I have to go to the clinic to have my zirconium crowns completed?

In most patients, 2 or 3 visits are sufficient.

Can I determine the color of my teeth myself?

If zirconium is made on all teeth in the front teeth, it is possible to make zirconium crowns in the desired color from our color scale. But if it is to be done on one or more teeth, we choose a tone color suitable for your other teeth and get more aesthetic results.

Can zirconium be made on implants?

It is possible to install zirconium crowns on dental implants.

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