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Dental Hygienist Treatment

Dental stones usually appear in the form of stones in other parts of the teeth. Dental stones cause the formation of bacteria on the surfaces of the teeth. For this reason, yellow and brown staining occurs on the teeth. For unwanted staining, we must perform our dental treatments daily and use dental floss. It is a negative factor for the health of our gums and teeth. Dental stone cleaning every 6 months every month is recommended by our doctors. Dental hygienist treatment is a procedure performed by scraping dental stones with the help of professional devices. As a result of this procedure, the teeth are completely cleaned and have a smooth aesthetic appearance.


Is anesthesia performed when cleaning dental calculus?

There is usually no need for anesthesia.

Do my gums bleed when cleaning dental calculus?

Bleeding can occur in deep and large dental stones that have settled under the gums.

Does the shine of my teeth go away after dental calculus cleaning?

No, on the contrary, the teeth shine brighter and stay clean.

How many times do I have to come to the clinic for dental stone cleaning?

1 visit to our clinic will be enough.

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