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All On Four

A sinus lift is a fast and effective treatment method used to prevent surgical procedures from being performed due to bone insertion and bone failure in patients who have never had a tooth. It is the technique in which a fixed full jaw prosthetic restoration is performed on the implant.

An implant is placed at a 90-degree angle at the front, while implants placed at the back are positioned at a 45-degree angle. After the implants are fused to the bone, the prosthesis is completed by taking measurements.


How many days will it be completed?

A few months after the implants are inserted, your permanent teeth are installed.

Does it look aesthetically pleasing?

One of the biggest advantages of the treatment is that it has an aesthetic and natural appearance.

Can the same treatment be applied to the lower and upper jaw?

Yes, it is also possible to do it on the upper and lower jaw at the same time.

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