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Dental Implants

It is the artificial tooth roots made of titanium that support the prostheses that will be made on the jaw bone placed inside. These artificial roots, made in place of missing teeth, are long-lasting. It meets the chewing function and aesthetic wishes of the patient with a fixed and movable prosthesis that will be made on it.

Process Of Implant Treatment

First, an X-ray is taken from the patient and an examination is performed. As a result of the examination, the appropriate implant treatment plan is made for the patient and the doctor determines the diameter and length of the implant to be made.

The second process is the construction of the operation. Local anesthesia is applied to the area where the implant will be placed. Implants of diameters and lengths determined as a result of the analysis are inserted and the gum is closed.The process is terminated.

After that, it is expected that about 2 months of the process will pass for the implant to integrate with the bone. After the process is completed, the prosthesis is started by taking measurements over the implants and the treatment is terminated with in a few days with the rehearsals made.


Is dental implant treatment painful?

No pain is felt due to the local anesthesia applied during the procedure. Appropriate painkillers are prescribed by the doctor for pain that may occur after the procedure.

How long is the service life of implants?

With a well-planned and correctly progressing operation, the use of implants is long-lasting. After this situation, our routine care such as our natural teeth and the importance we attach to our oral hygiene affect this process.

What are the situations when it is not possible to implant?

Because of some ailments and obstacles, implant treatment may not be appropriate.


*Some heart diseases

*Blood clotting problems

*Conditions in which diabetes does not occur regularly, etc.

- Is it harmful to the human body?

Pure titanium and titanium alloys performed best clinically. It does not cause allergies to the human body and has resistance to breakage. It is also rustproof and heat resistant. It does not harm the human body in any way.

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