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Digital Smile Design

Dijital Gülüş Tasarımı Nedir?

It is the design of a personalized aesthetic smile by dentists using digital technologies. In the designs under consideration, the patient’s dental structure and facial proportions are analyzed. In the digital smile design, treatment is performed according to the patient’s wishes and wishes. The smile that is harmonious for each person is different. Therefore, dentists design the smile that best suits the person. The biggest advantage of the treatment is that the patient can see how they will have a smile at the end of the treatment before the treatment begins.


Is there an age December for digital smile design?

A smile design can be made for all patients from the age of 18.

What are the applications of the treatment?

Gingivectomy ( gum aesthetics ), teeth whitening, missing teeth removal with implant or prosthetic applications can be performed.

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