Dental Filling

Filling is the treatment applied to a tooth that has broken or started to rot. Thanks to the filling treatment, you can get a healthy structure and aesthetic appearance by treating deformed teeth. The composite filling has a high durability and tooth color compatibility. Although it is not permanent for life, it retains its durability for many years.


Does sensitivity occur after filling?

Pain and tenderness may occur in the treated tooth, which may last up to 12 hours. Appropriate pain relievers can be used.

Does the tooth filling fall out?

If a new caries has formed in the filled tooth, if there is a habit of squeezing teeth, fillings may fall out.

Does tooth filling make the mouth smell?

Does dental filling make the mouth smell?

The filling material does not cause smell. It causes a rotten smell in the mouth.

Can the gaps in my front teeth be closed?

Composite fillings are a good treatment to close the gaps that exist between the teeth. Decontamination.

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