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Root Canal Therapy

It is a treatment used to repair teeth that are infected at an advanced level and or whose caries has reached the tooth nerve. It is completed by filling the cavity formed by removing the nerve and pulp of the tooth. Root canal treatment prevents the patient from experiencing tooth loss and allows him to continue using the tooth without deterioration in chewing function. Depending on the health status of the patient’s teeth, it is completed in one or usually two sessions.


Why do nerves need to be removed?

When tooth decay reaches the nerves, the nerves begin to become infected and sore. The only way to eliminate this problem is root canal treatment. Delaying treatment can lead to tooth loss.

What is the life span of a root canal treated tooth?

A good root canal treatment performed by dentists allows you to use your tooth for 10 – 15 years more.

Does pain occur after the procedure?

A few days of mild pain between the procedures is normal. Dec. Simple pains that can pass with low doses of painkillers may occur.

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